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The Restyla Automatic Curler is our flagship award-winning product that is revolutionizing the hair industry. Curl your hair like a professional stylist in under 15 minutes - anytime, anywhere.

Automatic Curls

The Restyla Automatic Curler uses an exclusive rotating barrel design to wrap the hair, positioning it automatically to create the perfect curl every time. This allows any user to curl their hair like a professional stylist without any skill required.

Wireless & Cordless

Your Restyla is completely wireless. Curl your hair in the car, in the restroom or anywhere you want with 60 minutes of charge - enough for 3 to 4 uses! It is USB rechargeable allowing you to simply charge it with your 5V phone charger.

Anti-Tangle Sensors

The Restyla uses an advanced anti-tangle system that is able to sense if your hair has been tangled and will unwind itself, releasing your hair. This can happen when too much hair is put in at once. To prevent this, curl using thinner strands.

Full Personalisation

The settings for your Restyla are able to be fully adjusted to suit each individual hair type and desired style. You are able to change the temperature, curl duration and curl direction through the LCD screen for the best possible results.

No Extreme Heat

The Restyla Automatic Curler uses a ceramic barrel to curl your hair that is evenly heated and temperature controlled. This is the most gentle and sustainable way to curl your hair everyday. Say goodbye to accidental burns and burnt hair.

For Everyday Styling

Designed for easy everyday use, the Restyla curls your hair twice as fast as a standard curling iron. Combined with it's sustainable approach to hair styling that doesn't use extreme heat, Restyla is the must-have hair tool for everyone.

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