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What hair types can the Restyla Curler be used on?

The Restyla can be used on all hair types due to it's customisable heat and curl duration settings.

However, some hair textures (such as afro hair) may need to be straightened first.

Do I need to section my hair?

We recommend sectioning for best results. However, when using the Restyla, you don’t need to see what you’re doing as much when compared with a traditional curler (as it does it all for you!).

Hence, it’s less necessary to section your hair as you can still style it without sectioning if you’re in a rush - especially if it’s on the thinner side. As we said before though, it’s always best to section!

Do I need to straighten my hair before using it?

This depends on many factors. As a general rule of thumb, if your natural hair is more tightly curled than the look you want to create then we advise first straightening your hair.

Also, if you want to have straight roots and only curl the ends of your hair, and your hair isn’t naturally straight, then we would also recommend first straightening your hair.

What settings should I use for my hair type?

In general, coarser and thicker hair types will need to use higher temperatures and a longer time (and vice versa for thinner hair).

This does not mean that you need to damage your hair more if you have a thicker texture, but this just means that your hair is more heat resistant since it has a thicker and stronger hair cuticle (Note that in this context, hair thickness refers to the diameter of your individual hairs, nor how much hair you actually have).

That being said, the makeup of everyone’s hair is different so we recommend playing around with the settings on your Restyla to find what suits your hair best for getting the style you want!

Can I easily curl the back of my hair with the Restyla Curler? 

Yes! The Restyla makes it extremely easy to curl the back of your hair. This is because you only need to put sections of hair through the slit and it will pull in your hair and do the rest of the work for you! So you won't even need to see the back of your hair to be able to curl it.

What material is the Restyla's barrel?

The Restyla Curler uses an evenly heated and temperature controlled ceramic barrel which is less damaging than titanium and will help to retain moisture in the hair, compared to alternative materials such as titanium.

This allows for gentle and sustainable everyday use.

Is the Restyla Curler more damaging than a regular curling iron?

If used for the same duration and time, the Restyla is significantly less damaging than a standard curling iron. This is because it uses an evenly heated and temperature controlled ceramic barrel which retains moisture in the hair. This is much more gentle than titanium, which is what the majority of curling irons are made of.

Furthermore, since the Restyla consistently creates perfect curls every time, you won’t have to go over strands multiple times. This not only halves your time getting ready but also reduces damage, allowing for sustainable everyday use.

Does it take less time to use than a regular curler?

Yes, the Restyla Curler is optimised to do everything for you as quickly as possible which can halve your styling time!

How long does it take to charge?

The Restyla Curler takes approximately 2-3 hours to charge.

Depending on the heat and time settings used, the Restyla’s charge lasts for 1-2 hours (enough for 3-4 full uses).


Is it heavy?

No, the Restyla is extremely light weight and ergonomic to use.

You can carry it around in your everyday bag to use anywhere you want.


How long does it take to heat up?

Depending on the heat settings, the Restyla takes only 2-3 minutes to heat up fully.

Will I need to buy a heat protection glove?

No! The Restyla is purposely designed with a shield over the barrel - the barrel being the only part that heats up.

We know that exposed barrels can cause serious burns, so with your safety (and convenience) in mind, we completely eliminated the need for a heat protectant glove.

With the Restyla, you'll never accidentally burn yourself again.

Is there a warranty on the Restyla Curler?

Yes! All Restyla products come with a 12 month warranty as standard with an optional lifetime warranty. If your product is faulty or malfunctions during this time period, we'll replace it for you.

Simply take a short 10 second video of the fault and email it to contact@restyla.com and a customer service representative will be in touch.



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