How to Make Your Curls Last All Day & Night

How to Make Your Curls Last All Day & Night

January 7th, 2021

How to Make Your Curls Last All Day & Night

Here are some ways to extend the lifetime of your curls and ensure they last all day and into the next day! We'll explain why some hair sprays are better than others and recommend the best way to use your Restyla Automatic Curler.


Using a curl hold spray instead of hair spray
We all know that applying a thick lacquer of hair spray over your hairstyle will make it last better, but this can result in crunchy, unnatural looking hair that moves with your head! Not to mention that hair spray builds up in your hair meaning you will have to wash your hair much more frequently than you would otherwise.

Besides, a hair spray is essentially a weak adhesive meaning that the extent to which it holds your style is actually dependent on how much it sticks your hair together (thanks Tessica Brown). A much better alternative is a curl hold spray that you apply to your hair before curling it. These products almost always contain heat protection so not only will it save you time in your hair routine but also the technology behind how they work is much more advanced and effective at making your curls stay perfect all day long! Curl hold sprays also wash out of the hair much better than hairspray meaning that there’s no need for the use of drying clarifying shampoos.

There are two main types of curl hold sprays: the first uses a repetition copolymer (very long, repetitive molecules) that are flexible until heat activated i.e by a hair curler. This allows the style to be set in place by the polymer applied to the hair without it feeling hard and unnatural - or even like there is product in the hair at all! Even better, these polymers can be heat activated repeatedly, meaning if you wanted to straighten your hair the next day then the polymer would help support that hairstyle too - assuming you didn’t wash it out of your hair in between.

The second type of curl hold spray uses fibrous compounds that essentially work like velcro to grip together and hold your curls in place like a coil. These can be used for enhancing natural curls as well as making heat curls hold - so they are extra versatile hair products. Again, this type of curl hold spray does not contain an adhesive and hence also will not add the sticky, crunchy hair spray feel to your hair. Plus, these ‘velcro’ compounds will stay together until you wash your hair unlike the adhesive in hair spray which wears off after time.


Holding your hair on the barrel for longer
Some people’s hair is naturally more resistant to heat reformation. This is usually the case for more thick or coarse hair types, such as that of Asian ethnicities. Luckily, however, these hair types are also more resistant to heat damage and hence those with this hair type can leave their hair on the barrel for longer to get the style they love! We know that the tedious process of counting a certain number of seconds can be boring and a bit of a hassle when you’re getting ready, so not only does the Restyla count the seconds for you but you can set the right number of seconds for your hair type on the digital screen before you use it so you don’t have to remember to count! This way, we have ensured that the Restyla is customisable for all hair types.


Using a higher temperature
Again, there’s no one size fits all optimum temperature and time for all hair types, which is why our product features adjustable heat across a very high temperature range, to accommodate a wide range of hair types with different resistance to heat styling. It might be that the reason why your curls aren’t holding is that you just aren’t using the temperature that’s right for you!


Using smaller, thinner sections
We’ve designed our product to intuitively work out what is the best size section to create a curl for your particular hair type based on it’s thickness and length. If the Restyla finds a section of hair that is not right for creating the perfect curl, it will prompt you to select a thinner section. This way it does all of the thinking for you.


Using Pincurl clips
After you do each curl, you can simply pin it with a pincurl clip and continue curling your hair. After you’re finished curling your entire head of hair, leave the clips in for another 15 minutes while you do your makeup (or whatever else you want to do!) and then release them for gorgeous curls that last for days!


Letting your curls sit tight for 15 minutes before brushing them out
Whether you use pincurl clips or not, if you’re a fan of loose curls rather than tighter ones you should always resist the urge to brush your curls out immediately after you finish curling your hair! This is because you need to let them cool down completely to set the style so that hydrogen bonds can form - so always wait for a bit before you brush. Using a wide toothed comb to ‘brush out’ your curls On that note, we don’t actually recommend using a brush to make your curls looser. This is because doing so doesn’t give you so much control over the end product - and brushing curly hair can cause frizz. There’s nothing worse than overdoing it and losing your hard-earned curls completely! A much better alternative is using a wide-toothed comb to comb through your head instead for much less frizz and better control.


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